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Using the Electric Shock Device for Heart Attack Victim
Cardiac arrest has become one of the well-known cause of death that has affected most of the people all over the world. Anyone who may have that problem do not need to worry too much and maybe see it as the end of life but they should realize they can be able to survive the condition. Because of lack of knowledge on the way to handle a patient on heart attack has caused many deaths when they are taken to hospital and therefore it is better to give first aid at the spot .

Most of the deaths from the heart attack problem comes about on the way to the hospital or at the arrival thus giving it a necessity for everyone to learn more here on how to give the first aid to save life. The government as a way of reduces the deaths through the heart failure has ensured the electric shock devices that are directed to the persons heart are within the known public domain. Learn more here on how to handle the electric shock device to acquire positive results in case of the situation to assist the affected person to have air to breath.

The first thing one need to do is to assess the patient and to know the patient impulses and the heart beat before using it and to make sure that the patient is suffering from the cardiac arrest and know that the patient is able to respond. The patient suffering from the heart attack might have changes in the pigment of the skin, excessive sweating and loss of counsisness and this signs need to be looked upon to make sure that the device is used at the person. The thing one need to learn more here after the previous signs in a victim , one has to call for help even when making sure that the patient survives from the condition

compressing the chest for at least 30 minutes and the give the breath rescue to the mouth and let the process of compressing continue. A pad ought to be laid on the chest and the first aider should learn more here if any obstruction that may be on the chest.Then the device should be taken and on the device it shows how the to attach the cables from the pads to it.

When the pad is placed well by removing the underside to fit the chest the device is able to learn more here on the chest and be able to examine the chest before it applies the shock.The device however shows signs that it is ready to administer the shock and this is when the people should stay clear from the patient. Then after the device has administered shock carry out the compression of the chest twice and then leave the machine to relies shock and this continues until help comes.

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