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When To Prune Trees and Shrubs at Your Home

With trees planted all over at your home, then you will be sure of having its value improved. Besides the money that you can get when you sell these trees, you can also gain much more from them. The aesthetic value of your home also gets to improve if you have trees around. The more you give good care to these trees that you have planted, the more you gain from them. The best way to do this is by pruning the trees when it is the correct time to do so. By reading this article, you will know on the best time to prune your trees and reasons why you must do that correct pruning.

You must consider the environment in which the trees are growing before you consider that number of times that you must do pruning on them. You will discover that there is great need to do more pruning on the trees that are growing in a conducive environment than those in a harsh one. The reason behind this is that the trees in a proper environment will always tend to sprout and grow at a very fast rate than those ones growing in a harsh environment.

During late winter, it is a good time to do pruning to your trees. Due to the harsh conditions during this period, you will notice that almost all the trees have reduced their rate of growing. You will learn that the trees are not using more energy to grow in winter as they will need that energy in spring season. Here, you can do the pruning since the trees will not undergo great effects as they are in a dormancy state. There will be minimal possibilities of the trees to contract diseases too as these wounds will undergo faster healing. It will be advantageous to prune all the trees at home during late winter when the trees are not growing rapidly as you will be able to see where you ought to remove the branches.

Additionally, summer season is also a great period to do pruning. Since summer come just after spring and this is a season when trees tend to grow rapidly, you will be able to curb all the excessive growths on these trees. Here you will have encouraged high production especially when these trees were meant to produce fruits. You will also have avoided occurrence of diseases in the best way possible. If you want to avoid the overgrown shrubs which grew during winter you can do cautious pruning to them especially by the help of the Green Tops Tree service. Another advantage of pruning in summer is that you will easily manage the size of fruit bushes.

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