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How You Can Make Life Easier for Alzheimer Patients

As we age, both our body and mind deteriorate gradually. It might start by forgetting a few things, but with time, it gets worse until you can no longer remember things the most recent things that happened. In most extreme cases, people with mental diseases can forget their loved ones. Family members will find it strange to deal and cope up with a patient who has a mental illness. Sometimes, even the patient might not know what to do. Many families and friends do not know how to take care of their loved one who has Alzheimer and here are things you need to do.

Observe and note the triggers. Various triggers worsen the condition, and the triggers are unique to every patient. Observe the patient to identify some of the triggers and note them down. Various people such as other family members and caretakers should also examine the patient. You can also ask the patient if he has noticed some of the triggers. Avoid the triggers as much as you can to manage the condition.

Ensure that the environment is safe for the patient. In some instances, Alzheimer patients might get hurt if the environment has dangerous objects. They can wander off and get lost and even get injuries in the process. Make sure that the patient’s surrounding does not have any dangerous objects. If possible, find a caretaker to watch over the patient. Alternatively, you can opt to take your loved one to a senior center for Alzheimer patients. Ensure that you do not force the patient to go to a senior center and you should consult him or her before making the decision.

Provide a healthy diet and engage in exercises. Maintain your mental health by firstly taking care of your body. Improve your mental capability by living a healthy lifestyle. Regular workouts keep the body fit and healthy, and that enhance mental capability. However, the exercises should not be strenuous such that the patient finds it challenging to maintain. Importantly, what the patient eats is an important consideration. It might be tempting to go for processed foods, but they will not be helpful to the patient.

Have a schedule for activities. The unpredictability of events can worsen Alzheimer condition, and that is why your loved one should have a routine. Make a daily routine which starts from when the patient wakes up, eat, bath, get entertained and sleeps. A routine provides a sense of security, and the patient will master it over time.

Engage the patient in various activities. Involve the Alzheimer patient in various activities to keep his mind busy most of the time. If the mind is idle for long, it might trigger the condition. Find out the activities that he likes and spare time to do them together such as reading, gaming, and cooking. Not every activity is suitable and therefore, consult the patient before taking part in any of them.

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