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Dangerous Drugs You Should Know About.

Many people do know that there are common drugs that abused daily but some are even more dangerous. This article touches on the dangerous drugs people are using daily. A lot of people are aware of heroin but many of them are not aware of black tar heroin. You have to be informed about this because it’s purity is not the best yet it is being sold. It is known as Mexican Tar or Chiva. It is a heavily cut type of heroin. Basically, the heroin is mixed with other drugs. You do not expect information from the dealers about the kind of drugs which have been added to the heroin. In addition, you cannot inject the black tar heroin or even smoke it. It needs to be dissolved in acid before you can actually use it. Therefore, you will be compromising your health even further by taking it, even more than it would be the case were to take pure heroin.

Another of dangerous drugs is Foxy Methoxy which is basically a hallucinogenic. It causes auditory psychoactive effects. You will be hearing things which are not being spoken to you. Just because the drug has worn off does not mean the side effects go with it and this means you will be experiencing the effects for longer. You will be imagining smells, tastes, feelings and even sights that are not there. This drug is dangerous because you have no idea whether you are receiving a pure substance or not. A lot of dealers will lace the drug with other substances and you will not be able to tell the difference by looking at it. One of the dangerous drugs that have been introduced recently is Benzo Fury. It even more dangerous because it can be obtained legally. There is a loophole when it comes to obtaining it because it is not meant for human use and this is clearly indicated on the label. The users do not heed to that warning though. It will not just cause hallucinations but it is also a stimulant.

It will stay in the body for 14 hours before it wears off and it is not just a potent drug but also one that is very addictive. You are prone to self-harm when you use it and your blood pressure will be, and sometimes it causes death. The side effects hit on a higher level if you mix this drug with alcohol. It is easily available online but you may also buy it in some nightclubs. Fentanyl is also on this list and besides being dangerous it is an addictive drug. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid and its potency is said to be a hundred times that of morphine.

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