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Where the Daylight Saving Time Originated
Although 70 countries observe the daylight saving time, not many people know about it which is why they have numerous patients. This article will discuss where the daylight saving time originated from and why many people observe it. You will find multiple people saying daylight savings time rather than daylight saving time over the years which is generally not the case.

The point of daylight saving time is to make sure people use their time adequately during daytime period. Summertime use when the clocks are usually moved one hour ahead from morning to evening in most countries that observe the daylight saving time. The time does not change much for anyone living near the equator since they are usually twelve hours each.

It is common to find people in the north of south pole experience more daylight in the summer while elsewhere around the world they have more daylight in the winter. Numerous people often think that Benjamin Franklin came up with a daylight saving time idea, but he only proposed sleep schedules be changed. Benjamin Franklin usually woke up at 6 a.m. and calculated that people will save more money by using sunshine instead of candles.

Benjamin Franklin propose that people should wake up at dawn so he never mentioned changing the clock. William Willett was first to campaign for the daylight saving time and propose the clock to be moved 80 minutes ahead in the united kingdom between April and October. Although William published books regarding daylight saving time; he did not see it being applied and passed on in 1915 trying to convince people to adopt to the daylight saving time.

Germany adopted to daylight saving time in 1916, so they can conserve electricity during the World War 1. The purpose of the German government was to increase working hours and used William Willett’s idea after brainstorming on different ways they can conserve energy. During the world war, numerous people saved energy since coal was the main way to power up things and was the main the contribution to why the war lasted for so long.

After President Franklin Roosevelt implemented the use of daylight saving time, other localities and states were free to decide whether they were going to observe the daylight saving time until 1966. The uniform time at standardized daylight saving time from April to the last Sunday of October but every state in the USA had an option to remain on standard time if they chose.

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