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Quotes About Homes That Most People Love Today and Find Irresistible
It is crazy to believe that not everyone in the world today enjoys the comfort of the right home and it is even worse that the essence of the home goes way beyond having a house that one stays in. It is interesting to learn that the word home does not have a uniform meaning across the world anymore bearing in mind that everyone has their perspective of the same it depends on what they are facing and the phase at which they are in life as well. The primary purpose of this article is to enlighten people on what a home is, the role it plays in people’s lives and reasons why everyone deserves to have a home regardless of their age or gender through the use of some quotes from popular people from the world today.

There is a quote about homes from one persona which encourages people that it does not matter how far they go in search of their needs and how long they take, they will still come back home at the end of the day. The quote is of great relevance to most people especially today when so many individuals travel across the world in search of a variety of things but when the time comes, have to go back to their families where they feel so comfortable and happy to reunite with them. Everyone should, however, understand that home is a universal idea that does not restrict people to one specific place but anywhere that they feel happy and comfortable at the end of the day.

Next on the list comes Confucius’ home quote that goes ‘The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home’ which makes great sense bearing in mind that every nation’s strength depends on the power of the people that make it up. Putting into consideration the idea of nature versus nurture, it is right to say that every individual’s home life plays a crucial role in their overall development. The above quote is relatable especially in many countries today whereby people that are brought up in homes with no integrity end up being part of all the vices ranging from violence all the way to many other wrongful acts. Most youths that come from homes with less or no integrity at all end up being so violent which is evident in so many cases today.

In addition to the above quotes, there are also more quotes that talk about homes which people should be aware of as well. There is also a quote from many other people to look out for including Melody Beattie, William J. Bennett who said that home is a shelter from storms-all sorts of storms, Maya Angelou whose quote goes the ache for home lives in all of us which makes a home an ingredient for living a balanced life among many others.

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