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Important Details Regarding the History of Marijuana in The US
In the Us, the history of marijuana is one that spans for a very long duration of time. In the early days, marijuana was one of those subjects that made people fear a lot. Through marijuana, very many people got to be imprisoned. It is worth noting that back in the days, racism agenda was also propelled by marijuana. Detailing the history of marijuana in the united states is the main objective of this piece of writing.
Among the first people to grow marijuana crop in the united states were the founding presidents of the country. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, for example, were presidents who grew marijuana. There are multiple examples of the versions of marijuana that one could grow. Cannabis Sativa L is the version that was grown by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. One thing about this version of marijuana is that it has very low concentrations of THC. In growing marijuana, the president did not intend to use it for smoking.
Marijuana for smoking came from Asia, and that is very many years ago. From Asia, the marijuana went into Europe. When the marijuana began being used in the united states, the pioneering state to pass legislation against its use was Texas. The legislation was passed due to racial issues that concerned marijuana in Texas. To learn more about the legislation on Marijuana, it is vital that you consider using the weed documentary.
Many people may wonder what lead to the criminalisation of marijuana in the united states. It is Harry Anslinger who is responsible for the criminalization of marijuana in the united states. He used racial reasons to convince the authorities to criminalize marijuana. One of the examples of the racial reasons was that the Mexicans because of marijuana were murdering the white neighbors. The stories that were advanced by Harry for criminalization were not true. Taxes were one of the ways through which marijuana was made illegal by imposing very high levies on marijuana.
In the united states, the legalization journey of marijuana is one that is filled with very many difficulties. The first state to legalize marijuana in the united states was California. It is due to medical reasons that marijuana was legalized. Though marijuana has been legalized, there are still very many strict laws that govern marijuana. Within a time frame of two years, marijuana at a federal level is going to make legal. Many candidates that are running for the elective post have put the legalization of marijuana in their agenda. It is vital that one does not under emphasize this details on the history of marijuana in the US

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