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List of the NBA Teams That Has Fantastic Fans

Many people in America enjoy watching basketball games and support different NBA teams. The physicality of the players is among the top factors that are leading to the rising popularity of basketball. It is therefore thrilling watching these players perform incredible basketball moves such as dunks. It is common to hear debates on which NBA team has the best supporters. To answer this questions you need to develop criterions for measuring the fan base of various teams. Continue reading this article to see the list of the NBA teams that has fantastic fans.

The winning records of Chicago Bulls in the 90s makes it one of the top team with the best fans in the league. When people hear about Chicago Bulls they remember Michael Jordan for his amazing career at this team. Jordan is among the list of the best all-time basketball players. The fans of Chicago Bulls make regular games attendance. It is normal during the games to find supporters with paintings on their faces, custom foam fingers and jerseys singing and dancing to cheer up the players.

The next team that has the best fans in NBA is Boston Celtics. Having 17 championships wins is the other things that make Boston Celtics popular. Statistics shows that their home games have more than 90% attendance.

One of the teams that have gained many fans recently for their outstanding performances is the Golden State Warriors. One of the most well-known players of Golden State Warriors is Steph Curry. Fans of Golden State Warriors consider their team to be super.

The other NBA team that has incredible supporters is the Oklahoma City Thunder. Many people see Oklahoma City Thunder as an underdog for coming from a small town. The attendance of this team’s games are also high.

Passionate and outspoken are the most commonly used to describe the New York Knicks fans. Other supporters may consider the New York Knicks fans to be obnoxious. The tickets for the New York Knicks games are usually sold out for having many passionate fans. Therefore, this shows the high number of fans given the stadium has a capacity of 20,000 people.

Thus, these teams have the fans who are willing to support them both when winning and losing. Hence, the fans will attend the games and cheer for the teams even when losing. Basketball is, therefore, one of the most incredible sports to support in America.

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